Crested Geckos

All of our geckos are housed in large bioactive enclosures with live plants. This male is basking under a UVB lamp.
When feeding babies a diverse diet, we noticed that some would start skipping certain flavors and waiting for their favorites to come back through the rotation. We now feed our babies primarily only two flavors. Fig & Insects, and Fruit Mix with Insects. Both of these are served mixed 50/50 with Growth & Breeding with insects.
Sometimes we like to “flavor it up” and add in fresh or frozen fruits. Our favorites are frozen wild blueberries and mango. Sometimes we will even add in multi-floral honey.
Consistency should be smooth and almost an applesauce thickness. It will thicken a little more over the next several minutes.
A baby crested gecko exiting the egg.
We found this baby that had hatched in with the parents.
A hide, climbing surface, water cup, and a food dish tipped on it’s side. We house each gecko separately even as hatchlings.
Babies don’t eat much. I like to imagine that their stomachs are half the size of their heads. No need to supply more than they can eat. I supply new food three times a week.
Did you know that crested geckos love sansevieria.
They really love sansevieria.
We love getting update pictures. Especially when it shows the gecko living in a naturalistic vivarium.