The tentative October 2021 NARBC Tinley Park list.

1.1 Kei Island Blue Tongued Skinks LTC years

1.1 Cyclura lewisi CBB’19

1.1 Cyclura cornuta CBB’19

1.1 Varanus salvadorii LTC years

1.1 Blaesodactylus boivini LTC years

True F1, Yate locality Gargoyle geckos from the only legally field collected stock. Limited release. Look for one on the USARK live auction.

Crested Geckos

Moro Island locality leachianus

Ambilobe locality Panther chameleons. Multiple lines including F1s. Limited quantities.

Kenyan Zebra Skinks. Multiple bloodlines of True F1, Frank Fast line.

Gastropholis prasina. Unrelated F1 bloodlines.

Complete 4pc sets of the Advanced Visions Rhacodactylus books. Limited quantities.